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Chelmer Valve Electrical Components

The Chelmer Valve Company and its sister company UK Electronic Components are one of the largest single sources and specialists in obsolete, allocation, legacy and hard to find electronic components.

Thousands of Electronic Components
Amongst the many thousands of electronic components we stock you will find some of the rarest and unusual, as well as the most popular and common makes of electronic valves, tubes, rectifiers and magnatrons.

Well known makes of audio valves
We stock virtually all well known makes of audio valves and radio valves such as Siemens, Marconi, GEC, Sovtek, Tesla, Russian, Chinese, CVC, Svetlana, RCA, General Electric, Mulard, Raytheon, Osram and Triad, to name but a few.

Some are available for purchase online from our online shop - just click here for more info.

Over two million electronic components in stock
Many of over two million items of stock components are listed on our site but we cannot, because of the size of our stock holding, list everything available. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our web site listings please call us on +44 (0)1621 745450 or email us at


Wide range of electronic valves





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