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Everyone in the audio tube business knows that the justly famous brand names of yesteryear, such as Brimar, GEC, Mullard, RCA and Telefunken are scarce and often expensive.

Although we supply all the major brands as available, and we have many in stock, our policy is to offer a range of tubes. These are all new and mostly of current manufacture and are always the best we can source from around the world.

The result is a range, which we call our CVC Premium brand. Our special processing gives you a selection of valves for low noise, hum and microphony on pre-amp tubes and controlled burn-in on power tubes to improve stability and avoid weaknesses.

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You can now buy these direct, on the web, through our new secure credit card web pages. Just search the online shopping pages and place your order. Click here to go directly to the on-line shopping facility.

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Or should you prefer, contact us by email or phone on +44 (0)1621 745450 to place an order. But please do not send your credit card details via email. Only use credit card payment via the secure on-line shopping system.





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